Petfood Plant Upgrades

Hammer Mill Structure

Progress on the upgrades to the petfood plant by Walt Johnson Construction continues. The APEX Hammer Mill structure is coming to life along with the Loadout Structure for 2 – 30 ton mash bins. Call APEX today for A Precision Engineering Xperience!

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Idaho Drive Thru Loadout Structure

This APEX drive thru galvanized loadout structure holds a 3,000 bushel bin with accessories such as an observation platform and stairs. This loadout structure adds the finishing touches to BP Grain’s project. Call 515-360-9840 to find out how APEX can help with the structural needs on your upcoming project!

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Custom Hammer Mill Structure

Minnesota Hammer Mill Structure

Another APEX structure ready for fabrication. This hammer mill structure for Walt Johnson Construction is custom designed with a composite concrete deck, enclosed hammer mill room, surge bin, and additional equipment support. Looking forward to seeing this petfood facility upgrade going up.

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Headed West


This APEX 14’x14’x125′ bucket elevator support tower and drive thru super structure are galvanized and ready to head to Idaho. Excited to see this project assembled! Have a structural need for your project – tower, catwalk, super structure, or something custom? Give APEX a call today!

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Quality Where it Counts

Towers & Catwalks

At APEX Industrial we strive to provide structural steel solutions that meet your specific project needs in the most cost-effective way Quality where it Counts Material – efficient use of steel shapes and members Balancing shop fabrication with field labor and shipping logistics Focus on limiting parts and pieces Site installation savings Part & piece management savings Efficient &…

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