Kansas Tower & Catwalk Fill System

Catwalk and 6x8 Catwalk Support Tower

An APEX 6′ wide x 100′ long OT750 Catwalk with a 6’x8’x110′ support tower supports the fill system for this new KS bin. The OT750 has full width expanded metal grating for full access on both sides of the conveyor. With 20′ welded side panels on the catwalk and the 6′ sides of the tower welded in 20′ sections,…

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Illinois Catwalk In Air

Illinois Catwalk

This 155′ long, 6′ wide APEX HT650 catwalk with full width grating is supported by a 6’x10’x130′ tower in Forrest, IL. Thanks to Zimmerman Feed and Grain and Koehl Bros for a great project.

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Quality Where it Counts

Towers & Catwalks

At APEX Industrial we strive to provide structural steel solutions that meet your specific project needs in the most cost-effective way Quality where it Counts Material – efficient use of steel shapes and members Balancing shop fabrication with field labor and shipping logistics Focus on limiting parts and pieces Site installation savings Part & piece management savings Efficient &…

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