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Illinois Catwalk In Air

Illinois Catwalk

This 155′ long, 6′ wide APEX HT650 catwalk with full width grating is supported by a 6’x10’x130′ tower in Forrest, IL. Thanks to Zimmerman Feed and Grain and Koehl Bros for a great project.

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Idaho Drive Thru Loadout Structure

This APEX drive thru galvanized loadout structure holds a 3,000 bushel bin with accessories such as an observation platform and stairs. This loadout structure adds the finishing touches to BP Grain’s project. Call 515-360-9840 to find out how APEX can help with the structural needs on your upcoming project!

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Idaho Tower

This APEX 14′ x 14′ x 125′ bucket elevator support tower is installed and ready for action at the BP Grain job site in Idaho. The galvanized tower includes 2 platforms, a top service and a distributor platform, as well as wrap around stairs.

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The Stars & Stripes

Apex Tower

The Stars & Stripes proudly flying high above an 8’x8′ APEX Tower for an Iowa Grain Systems project. APEX salutes active military personnel, veterans, and all those who serve our communities on the front lines! Wishing everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July!!

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Galvanized and Ready

This APEX HT250 is galvanized and ready to head to the job site. The welded together 20′ sections will make for fast field assembly. Call today for a quote for your next catwalk!

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Need Storage Capacity?

Temp Storage

APEX Industrial is ready to help you with your temporary storage needs for this fall’s harvest. With walls in stock and ready to ship, you can gain that extra storage space in days. Call APEX Industrial at 515-360-9840 today for temporary storage solutions.

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Custom Hammer Mill Structure

Minnesota Hammer Mill Structure

Another APEX structure ready for fabrication. This hammer mill structure for Walt Johnson Construction is custom designed with a composite concrete deck, enclosed hammer mill room, surge bin, and additional equipment support. Looking forward to seeing this petfood facility upgrade going up.

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Illinois Tower

14'x16'x174' Bucket Elevator Support Tower

This 14′ x 16′ x 174′ APEX bucket elevator support tower is almost complete. With APEX’s stacking platforms, field assembly is made easy!

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